The Hospital Story

Tuesday morning, we went to the hospital for our 9:00 appointment with the midwife. We arrived a bit before 7:30 so that we could maybe avoid the long lines. It somewhat worked. We were checked in by 8:00, but then they had a half-hour devotional and worship time.

Several of the Peruvian and German staff sang, and one Peruvian fellow shared an evangelistic message. It was a fire and brimstone sort of message with an invitation at the end. Dozens accepted the invitation, and the service was over.

The pastor then met in a side room with all the ones who had accepted Christ by that invitation. He bellowed at them about needing to be genuine in seeking the Lord in the Bible and becoming part of a church.

Unfortunately, that region is not swelling with faithful believers despite dozens of these emotional commitments each day. This is a good reminder that Jesus calls us to a life of careful obedience, taking up our cross, rejecting the world, and following Him daily. And that Jesus calls us believers to make disciples, not commitments.

Nevertheless, Christ is preached. I pray a blessing on each person who made a commitment. May they find the victorious life. After the devotions, we sat for over two hours before we were called in to see the midwife.

She said that although our dates said we were due this week, her calculations by the weight of the baby indicated that we had two more weeks to go yet. We went home a bit discouraged at that possibility.

Steph said she’d been feeling like she was ready for things to move along, but it felt like the baby was malpositioned. Mid-afternoon, I suggested she try some techniques for repositioning the baby. We decided she would try for four hours, and if there was no evidence of a difference, we’d just go on with our evening.

Three hours later, her water broke. Eleven hours later, we were holding the baby. I suppose the techniques could be considered a success.

The midwife was surprised to see us again when we arrived at 9:00 that night. She didn’t seem to think Steph was actually in labor, but after a checkup, she agreed it was going to be soon, but probably not until later the next day maybe.

We were placed in a room with another couple. That was a strange experience. Steph labored quietly for several hours then said I should call the midwife while she walked to the delivery room.

The nurse that went to call the midwife said the baby wasn’t close because Steph wasn’t screaming. “They always scream toward the end,” she told me confidentially. I just smiled at her and asked her to please call the midwife.

Ten minutes later the midwife showed up and set about to get some things together. She had been asleep, so she was moving slowly. She said it wasn’t urgent because Steph was quiet. I told her I thought she should check.

“Oh! The baby is here!” She quickly called the doctor and a nurse to assist. But ten minutes later the baby was there, and it was all over. The midwife said she has never had such an easy, quiet, and fast birthing.

We were then put back in the room with the other couple. We stayed there until breakfast time. They moved us into a room with four beds where we stayed until after lunch.

Steph showered and changed and did her hair before the doctor showed up to check up on her and the baby. Everyone was astonished that she was not on the brink of death as the other new mothers seemed to be.

The doctor said Willow’s nose and left side of her head are crooked or slanted from having been stuck in a bad position for some time. He expects it will straighten out in a week or two. Isn’t that amazing?

Around 3:00 that afternoon, we were released. Steph felt well enough to walk out to the truck. We drove toward Walter’s house, but we couldn’t get near because the roads were all closed. Steph said she felt well enough to walk, so we went slowly, walking about a mile and a half.

Evita came down the hill when she heard that we were walking in. She was flabbergasted. The hill was a bit challenging, but we went nice and slow and made it just fine. Steph thought it was easier walking home with a baby than having to walk over a mile during labor the night before.

The children could hardly contain their excitement. They each took turns holding the baby. Then Evita held her awhile. “Dear Lord,” she prayed aloud while holding Willow, “please give me another baby, a little girl like this!” She has lost a few pregnancies in recent years.

After supper, the children kept taking turns holding Willow when she wasn’t eating. They find it incredible that she eats ALL THE TIME! We’re glad she’s eating well.

It was a busy twenty-four hours, but we were happy to crash into bed and sleep in very, very late the next day. Thanks for supporting us through prayer and encouraging messages.

Dios es tan bueno.

Walking towards the hospital Tuesday night. See how the road is torn up?
Our shared room
Getting moved away after the delivery
The baby’s nose is crooked from her malposition.
The next morning in another shared room
The German pediatrician
Leaving the hospital. Willow is in the blue wrap.
Walking up to the house
Lots of happy people
Can I hold her!
Evita was thrilled.
The aunt making plans to spoil Willow
So kissable!