We Got A Stomach Bug

The past few days we’ve been dealing with yuckiness. China got sick first about the middle of the week, but the rest of us were fine until Friday night–after we’d had company over for supper.

I was up through the night with Walter, Seth, and Abbey. Then I felt like a zombie Saturday. There was more puking throughout the day Saturday. We were all exhausted.

I did not preach today, but most everyone is feeling better though still a bit off. However, Steph avoided food at lunch and supper because she’s finally succumbing. I haven’t felt great, but I think it’s going to pass me by mostly. (Statement of faith?)

I’ll try to do an actual update tomorrow. We had a good day Friday. And we were happy to celebrate Dane’s birthday Saturday even if we weren’t feeling great.

This is me on Saturday morning before getting dressed for chores. I was struggling to push myself to go out into the cold when I was so tired.