Weekend Update

China was feeling spontaneous and asked if she could take us out to eat Friday evening for supper–in Cusco. That is not exactly my idea of fun. I would rather stay curled up on the couch. But the rest of the persons thought it would be tremendous fun, so I caved.

But we set some prerequisites of tasks that needed to be done before chores. Naturally, everything was done in record time, and we were off.

Traffic was crazy, almost worthy of Lima. Apparently, other humans like to be out in Cusco at 5:30 on Friday evenings. Lots of humans. I was stopped by a police truck from going down a street I’ve gone down numerous times before. I’m not sure why they wouldn’t let me go down there except that they had tried to cross into my right-of-way, and we nearly touched noses.

They turned their lights and sirens and horns on, and one officer leaned out a window to shout at me. I backed up and went another direction. They followed me for a block, making all sorts of heinous noises before going back on their way. Don’t irritate the police.

China took us to the mall to get pizza for everyone. I think that is the third time our whole family was at the mall in these two years. The children thought it was super special. Because of the curfew, we couldn’t stay long, so we left just as soon as we finished eating.

Steph and I ran down to the supermarket to get diapers and coffee grounds–essentials–and met China and the children at the truck. We made it home with no trouble from police.

We heard that the curfew is moved to midnight as of today, and vehicles are allowed out on Sundays again. We were surprised by a visit from Alicia this morning. She just received her second vaccine, she said, so she can be out to visit as before. She wants to come on Sunday.

One thing that happened last week that I didn’t take the time to report is that Rafael went with me on Thursday to talk with migraciones about getting my carnet. They sent us away with the usual reply, “Come back with an appointment from the website.”

Rafael explained that the website was giving us only errors, so the man said, “Oh, yes. Step inside.” He showed us a paper that indicated the website was broken for carnets, and we needed to take a screenshot of the error page and return.

Rafael was incredulous, but I walked down the street and printed off the papers they wanted, and an hour or two later, I had my carnet in my hand. Absolutely amazing.

Also, that same morning, I had the vet come to dehorn all the kids. We got them all finished and my one heifer before I left. Percy and Dane helped him finish with my other heifer after I left for Cusco.

No one came for Bible study or Sunday service this weekend. Both Cristina and Esmeralda were away from home. Rafael’s were busy working at the store. They all said they would come this week.

Rafael Roca, the other Rafael, reports that he is improving after his surgery. The doctor says he was able to remove all the cancer and will know within a week if it is malignant or not, but that he isn’t worried because he removed it all. That is great news!

Rafael Roca says he has been in terrible pain. They have been having him walk a bit more each day, but the incision into his kidneys is so large, he cannot stand upright. He didn’t eat or drink anything for several days, but he started back on tea and is now eating just a little.

Next week, they will remove the stitches. After that, they plan to fly home. He has a long recovery ahead, I expect, but he’s rejoicing.

We still have heard nothing back from Willow’s passport, but I received an application for the position of Dear Friend Who Happens to Live Close to Lima. I think it could be a fit based on the résumé provided. As soon as the passport is available (or not long after), we should be able to get it sent here.

After that, tickets!


  • Praise the Lord that I have my carnet at last.
  • Pray that Esmeralda can come to the Bible study Saturday.
  • Pray that Cristina disciplines herself to read the Bible daily.
  • Pray that Rafael and Elisabet develop a deeper thirst for God’s truth.
  • Pray for Caleb and Belinda as they prepare for their move.
  • Pray for the other families who are considering coming to live here.
  • Pray for Willow’s passport to come without delay.
  • Pray that we can travel in God’s best timing.
Ronal and Percy
Keeping the fire going
Dangerous position
My carnet! At last!
Headed to Cusco
Pizza from Aunt China!
Walter discovered milkshakes.