Silage, Swimming, and Social Workers

Percy has been bringing chala (dried corn stalks) from his fields arriba. He brought two large camiones of corn and stacked it up outside the barn. He has been looking for a chopper the last couple weeks and finally found one.

The man came yesterday morning and three other helpers to help chop. I did not help much because the dust and I did not get along well. I also needed to take Steph to the posta to pick up cans of blood: They want her to eat/drink blood to make sure she’s not anemic. As we are not vampires, we will be tossing out the blood in favor of other healthy food.

Speaking of the posta, the head lady there has asked for social services to come visit us once every month for six months to be sure we are “taking care of our children, providing them food, and using water to wash them frequently.”

The head lady does not have a high opinion of us because we have too many children and would not sign a paper pledging not to have more. Steph has been taking her things like cupcakes when she goes for visits in hopes of winning her over with kindness.

The social worker said our children were so beautiful! And that everything looks good. She said we just need to sign her paper, but she sees no trouble. She also said there would be no trouble with us missing the next two months’ visits due to potentially being away. We’ll be praying about that.

The silage was done in four hours. We have a roof over the chopped silage to keep it safe from the elements. It should last three months or so. The cows and goats love it.

I think I mentioned that we are irrigating the lower field. There is a large area covered in a shallow pond now. We had a rather warm day recently, so we decided to have lunch by the lake, as it were.

The children wanted to wade. They went out deeper and deeper until they were completely wet. It wasn’t deep enough for swimming, but it made for great fun–in the coldest month of the year!

They tried to get Aunt China dunked into the water, but she escaped. Better luck next time.

The first truck of chala
Lots of corn
Have some blood!
Beautiful day
Our picnic lunch
Get Aunt China!
Very cold afterward