Two Years in Peru

Today is our aniversario of arriving in Peru. Back then, I could say boh-en-nose dee-uz and now I can say buenos días. I have come such a long way.

I decided to take interviews of each person. I asked them three questions: a) What do you remember about the trip? b) What has it been like to live here? c) How long do you hope to live in Peru?

Willow and Walter are both Peruvians, so they had no comment.

Seth: a) It be fun. b) Five minutes. c) One minute.

Shawn: a) All the planes! b) Fuuuuuun! c) Six more years.

Dane: a) That we had gum on the plane, and it was fun on the airplane. b) It has been very hot, and we have very many goats. c) Three or four more years.

Abbey: a) Mrs. Alicia and Mr. Daniel came with us, and Mama went in a wheelchair. We had to wait on the airplane and sleep awhile. b) Fun but cold. c) Until I’m ten or eleven.

Anne: a) Something was wrong with the one airplane, and we had to wait an hour. I lost my coloring book from Miss Jolynn on the plane. b) I think it’s fun to be in Peru and to learn Spanish. I like Señor Rafael and Señorita Elisabet; they are good friends. c) Two more years. Then Señor Rafael’s could come to the States with us.

Steph: a) Trying to sleep in very odd places on the trip. The man pushing my wheelchair went zipping ahead of the rest of the group, and everyone had to run to keep up because he said the flight was going to leave. b) I have realized how convenient it was in the States: Everything is more difficult here. It either takes longer or is harder to do or harder to find. I really enjoy the beautiful scenery; there’s always something to make you think of God when you look outside. c) Until there is a need to go somewhere. I don’t necessarily have a desire to leave.

Me: a) I remember feeling guilty and grateful. So many people did so much for us to make it possible for us to go, and they would have to keep helping us. I felt burdened with knowing I could never pay it back and grateful for their help. b) It has been harder than I expected in most ways, but it has been more blessed than I expected, too. God has so clearly been our Rock, and support has come from unexpected places. c) It hurts to think of leaving, so I don’t really want to consider it. It could be the next minute, as Seth suggested, or any number of years from now as the others thought, but this has become home to my heart.

I also interviewed China on reaching her six-month anniversary.

China: a) When I got to Lima, there were some Mennonite boys in the airport. I was very scared to be alone and not know the language. I was wishing that the boys would come help, but they didn’t. But [Shawn] had instructed me clearly about what to do, and it worked out okay. b) It has been an adventure and very rewarding. It has been nice to be with [Shawn and Steph] and actually get to know you after being apart for many years. c) As long as God wants me here. At least another year or so, but who knows beyond that?

I think we’re all pretty happy to be where we are. As time passes, Peru gets further and further into our hearts. God has work for us here, and we’re eager to do it. God has much work to do in us, as well, and we’re longing to learn.

Thank you for your continued support. I’ve made some excellent friends through this experience. Many of you I’ve never met, but I feel closer to you than a lot of friends I may have known for years. I am so grateful for your willingness to be part of this chapter of my story.

We are also rejoicing to have Willow’s passport! It only took two weeks to get to Lima. Well, I guess I don’t have it yet, but my Dear Friend Who Happens to Live Close to Lima picked it up for me yesterday. Thanks, Simon. I’ll do something good for you someday.

Keep us in your prayers as we work at getting tickets to fly to the States. We are thinking to fly around July 30, not many days from now. GCM will be covering our travel costs, which is a tremendous gift.

Until next year, que Dios les bendiga.

Two years ago…
Pray for us.