Prayer Request for Buying Plane Tickets

I tried many, many times last week to buy tickets but without success.

I was running into a few problems: a) There are limits of usually five or six persons per group to buy online. We are nine persons. b) There are sometimes difficulties with my being in a foreign country. c) My internet connection cut out a few times. d) And all four times I was able to reach an agent by phone last week, the call was cut because of the poor service.

Peter, the GCM treasurer, also tried for me, bless his heart, but he was also unsuccessful.

I’m trying again at this very moment. I’d be glad for your prayers.

I want to be patient and respectful and loving with any agents I interact with, which is challenging when I want to hurl my computer out the upstairs window. We also want to know we’re going in God’s timing.

Thanks for your support.

Here is a picture of the sky we would like to fly through.