Prayer Request for my Aunt Charity

As you may remember, my mom’s mom (Granny) passed away last fall after a long battle with cancer. Shortly afterward, Aunt Charity, Mom’s baby sister, let the family know that she was also diagnosed with cancer.

She has been in a long battle with chemo treatments and all, but two weeks ago she had her final treatment. The sisters and other family met to celebrate.

However, she was hospitalized a few days ago with an infection and now it seems her body is reaching its limit. The doctors have talked with the family and things seem very bleak. They fear she will not pull through.

Please pray for Aunt Charity, her husband Uncle Scott, and their children. Also, my mom, Crystal, and her siblings are very distraught, as you can imagine.

Aunt Charity has been transferred to Nashville to the larger hospital to see if they can help. Your support is appreciated.

Aunt Charity is in the center. This was her celebration a couple weeks ago.