And Here We Remain

*First of all, my apologies for the technical difficulties. I think some of you received a double or triple copy of the last update, but without pictures. I dunno what happened.

We had a measure of success. We are able to pick up the necessary documents on Monday morning. The current plan (a plan is when you decide now how things will go later) is to go to Lima with Steph and Willow early Monday morning. We will hopefully collect the DNI and Peruvian Passport.

What we do not know is when we might fly. I contacted Golden Rule, but they were unable to secure a flight before their closing hours today. They will try again Monday morning.

So, we are at the mercy of Simon’s family again until then. Though we’re disappointed that we’re not yet in the States, we’re happy to be with Dear Friends Who Happen to Live Close to Lima.

Security detail
RENIEC in Huaral
Melvin, my next favorite person
Happiness in a mug
Waiting to talk with the guard at RENIEC in Lima until this woman was done yelling at him. 😳
Lots of people in Lima
Setting up house at Simon’s