Even More Stucker

Well, migraciones was not able to help us with Willow’s passport. They could not use the temp card RENIEC gave us. The website shows Willow’s DNI is done-ish, so the lady at migraciones said we could go to RENIEC and ask them to give us the card now, and they will.

What I don’t know is if I have to go back to Izcuchaca to do that. And we won’t be able to find out anything further until daylight hours.

The current plan is to get to Huaral in some way at some time. The details of that escape me at present. One friend suggested I get coffee, which I did, but I was given a brown sugary syrup that in no way helped my problem-solving abilities.

I also do not know what will happen with the Delta flight we missed. The lady at the counter said we could simply reschedule. I don’t know if that is fact, and Delta has no office here, and I do not have internet on my phone, so I can’t check on the website.

I have learned many things so far, but I’ve mostly learned what I don’t know. As someone, maybe Steph, said, we were planning to be away from home anyway; what does it matter if we’re away in Lima.

Well, it matters in some ways, I guess. But we’ll see if we can’t make the most of it.

Waiting for sunrise