To RENIEC to get the DNI for Willow

We had some heroic young men come out to Lima in the middle of the night to rescue us. I think it’s around two hours to Huaral.

We got to Simon’s sometime shortly after 4:00, I think. I hardly remember. I slept like the dead until I got a phone call around 8:00. Well, maybe not exactly like the dead, because I was repeatedly awakened by Willow’s screaming. She seems rather out-of-sorts, poor thing.

I was given coffee (silent tears of joy) and toast before running into town. Well, Brent drove, and I sat. Kenton and Roland came along to be bodyguards. Christine came along to buy food for her unexpected guests. Dane came along to accompany Christine.

We went to RENIEC in Huaral, but they said we have to go to Lima to the main office. So, after stopping at the bookstore for internet and receiving a remarkably good latte, compliments of Melvin, we were off to Lima. Christine and Roland headed back to the house with Dane.

We met Simon at the toll station; he was returning from dropping off China–we are causing lots of running for these dear folks! Brent headed back with the other van, but Kenton came along with us. He was not avoiding the pecan trees; he was along to give moral support. Yes, that.

We shall see if we can get the DNI (ID card) or not. After talking with someone at RENIEC, we will know if there is hope of traveling yet.

Golden Rule says they can reassign our tickets, but I think we have only twenty-four hours to do that, if I understood correctly. In other news, China boarded and is in the air, headed for Florida now.

Thanks for praying. And thank you for all the messages of support. I’m sorry if I don’t answer you all.

Brent finally got Willow to quiet down.
Security detail
RENIEC de Huaral
Melvin, my new favorite person
Professional Lima driver