Tomorrow We Try Again

Yesterday we had a relaxing day with Simon’s. The days are all mixed around in my mind to where I can hardly remember which day is which anymore. Sleeping in helped with that.

I went along with Simon to town to do a bit of shopping. One thing I got while out was formula and a bottle for Willow. We decided to try that because she simply wasn’t nursing as she should and was screaming instead.

Willow seemed to take to the bottle very well. After having a full belly, she took a long nap. She has been taking turns drinking small amounts by bottle or by nursing, and she seems much happier. We don’t particularly want her to be a bottle baby, so we’re hoping this is just a supplemental moment.

Luke and Grace invited us to lunch with them at a nearby restaurant. It was delightful. Luke and I may have bored the ladies by talking about school, but I think we all had a good time. It’s lovely to be with kindred spirits.

In the afternoon, we had a quiet time of napping and reading while the men were away at a literature packing. I skimmed through several chapters of a Spanish curriculum book I found on the bookshelf.

After supper, I made pumpkin spice lattes for everyone with fresh pumpkin I’d gotten at market that morning. I didn’t have espresso, but it turned out pretty well. I think it was a success. I thought it was pretty comforting.

This morning, the church here had an English singing before the morning service. We sang out of Hymns of the Church, even getting to sing some old favorites.

I had rubbed my eye too hard before church and had gotten my one contact stuck in the upper regions of my eye socket. When I finally fished it out, it had an unfortunate crease in it that left me winking shamelessly at everyone in my path. I changed to old-fashioned glasses for the afternoon.

Several people asked to have us for supper or lunch, to the point that we feared cannibalism. We decided to risk an evening at Michael and Faith Weaver’s; I knew Melvin could make lattes, so I assumed they were more civilized than the head hunters of the jungles.

We had a lovely time with them, discussing what it’s like to be fresh missionaries in Peru. They haven’t been here quite six months, so they have our sympathies with all their adjustments.

Tomorrow, Simon plans to take us to Lima. We are planning to leave at 5:30 in order to arrive about the time the lady in charge does. Supposedly, we can get the DNI (ID card) within an hour of arriving. After that, we plan to go to the airport to migraciones to try to get the passport. Then we will try to get tickets.

Lots of things to try that we hope will not be but so trying. I’m very grateful that Simon is available to take us. Christine was saying they never knew becoming friends with us would be so costly! But we’re thankful they’re willing to lay down their lives for their friends. This is true love, according to Jesus.

To pay them back, I used nearly the last of Christine’s white flour to make chewy brown sugar cookies. I have done what I could.

Reading the blog to make sure I didn’t get in a picture of Roland.
This is Roland.
At market. I love Peru’s open markets with fresh fruit and vegetables.
Pumpkin spice latte
Making sugar cookies
Which is Shawn, and which is Brent?
Bottle time for Willow
At Michael’s
Dearest Melvin
My latte. I named it Melvin.
Story time