We Shall Try to Fly

Simon took Steph, Willow, and me to Lima, leaving at 5:30 this morning. After long waits, we had success with the DNI (ID).

We then went to the airport and did not have success at migraciones. They would not give us the passport without tickets, and Delta wouldn’t give tickets without a passport for verification.

Golden Rule worked with Delta and did magic and after awhile did get a potential, but unreleased itinerary. We decided to go with it.

We got back to Huaral and did a little hunting to find a Covid testing place because the one Simon had planned to use wasn’t testing today. We got our tests and came home to rush and pack.

We are going to run back and pick up the Covid test paperwork–which we pray all show negative–then Ernest is taking us to to the airport. We have worn poor Simon out.

We will there try to get the passport for Willow before we fly. The lady said it should take one hour, so we’ve given ourselves two. We hope.

Simon changed out a tire that looked a little bit suspicious in hopes of avoiding the potential for a flat tire.

Our flight leaves at 10:30 to arrive in DC tomorrow after 10:00. Let’s see what the next eighteen hours are like.

Trying to get the blog to upload in slow service
Driving through the fog in the madrugada
A bunch of Venezuelans catching a ride
One of many long lines for the day
Covid tests–again!
Simon making sure we’re not positive
A hastily made supper for the exodus
Loading up and holding Willow
Tire work
Off to the airport!