Update on Steph’s Surgery

We went to the surgeon’s office Monday afternoon to discuss options for Steph’s hands. The surgeon we met with told us that it did appear she qualified for surgery, but the office required a nerve test done by the hospital in Harrisonburg before the surgeon group would consider doing a surgery.

However, the doctor said that usually it takes up to two weeks to get into the hospital for the nerve test, and the surgeon we would end up using is generally booked out a few weeks beyond that. To us, it sounded like we wouldn’t be able to get the surgery done there within the timeline we had in mind for our furlough. We explained to the surgeon what our time constraints were, and he said he’d check if there was anything they could do.

He stepped out of our room and left the door open, asking one of the nurses what the calendar was looking like. While he was talking, another nurse was on the phone and began whispering loudly, “Doctor! Doctor! I’ve got a cancellation on the phone right now. Wait a minute!” Soon she was off the phone and said that someone had canceled for two days later, on Wednesday. The doctor asked her to call the hospital to see if there was any chance we could do the nerve test the very next day–highly unlikely.

But behold! The hospital said they had one opening in the morning. Isn’t that miraculous? The doctor told us he thought so; he said he’s never seen such a quick option for both the nerve test and the other surgeon. We booked both options immediately.

We will be using another surgeon other than the one we first talked to because the second surgeon could do an endoscopic surgery, which is far less invasive and takes much less time for recuperation. We were able to meet with him, Dr. Kime, on Wednesday.

He told us he is a Christian and would like to help get our surgery done quickly so we can get back to Peru. He said he likes to pray with his patients if we would allow it, which we are more than happy to do. He had an opening for September 8–my birthday! He said he thinks he would have worked us in sooner, but he would be out of town for the following week. He seems like a nice man.

So, we are praising the Lord for working out those details so beautifully. That is a special gift. We are looking forward to surgery soon and are planning to fly about three weeks later, Lord willing. Caleb and Belinda say those dates should work out well for them, also. We need to start looking for tickets for the end of September.

Speaking of Caleb and Belinda, we were happy they could come up to Virginia to meet with the GCM board and us this week. It was delightful that all five of the board members were able to meet with us to discuss some questions about the future of the work and how we should proceed with some things.

We received some good direction and advice. We also received some good news of development for potential workers. If everyone on the slate now would work out, we would have a couple more families and a few single folks joining us within a year or so, maybe less. This gives us something to pray toward.

Brother Levi challenged us as a group to remember the prayer life of the Lord Jesus. If the Son of God Himself needed to pray that fervently and frequently, how much more might we who tend not to be as close to the Father? I want to be more devoted to prayer for the work in Peru and our dear friends there. I hope you will join us.

And speaking of dear friends in Peru, Lamar and Beulah did make it down yesterday. Unfortunately, they did not have a very smooth journey. They were turned away from flying because they did not have the test the airline was requiring. Lamar had, of course, researched what they were asking, but somehow his information and their demands did not line up.

They lost their flight, and the airline would not consider a reissue or a refund. That money flew away. They also had to pay several hundred dollars more for the necessary Covid tests besides purchasing new tickets. Many, many hundreds of dollars and a day later, they were finally able to fly.

Those dear folks have our sympathy. We know a bit what some of that feels like. Hopefully, the rest of their trip will go better.


  • Pray that God would send forth laborers into the harvest in Peru.
  • Pray that God would enable the GCM board to successfully lead and recruit workers.
  • Pray for Caleb and Belinda as they prepare to move in a few weeks.
  • Pray for Stephanie’s surgery on September 8.
  • Pray for Lamar and Beulah in Peru.
  • Pray for Rafael and Percy as they care for and watch the farm while we are away.
Waiting rooms
Steph went to the nerve test alone.
The nerve test machine
GCM meeting supper
Playing soccer
…with a basketball and boots
Miss Jolynn meeting Willow