Visiting Friends

We’ve been very busy in recent days running hither and yon to visit friends. We intentionally scheduled our time to be fairly full the earlier weeks we would be in the States with the plan for Steph to have her surgery and for me to be available to help care for her and the children. That is scheduled for September 8, so it is coming right up.

We’ve spent some days with friends in the area, and we’ve also been having some suppers or lunches with others. It has been a joy to renew friendships. I’ve been trying to get some deeper questions or conversations in rather than merely talking about the weather or culture of Peru with everyone we meet–though we’re happy to talk about Peru!

Speaking of Peru, Lamar’s made it there and back again. Poor people had some difficulty with having gotten the wrong Covid test; the airline wouldn’t let them fly with the one they had, so they lost their flight and couldn’t get a refund or reissue for those tickets and had to buy new ones for the next day. Covid continues to make international travel more complicated.

I have been doing a bit a work for a couple of friends nearby. One fellow is remodeling his basement, and I’m working on that betimes. I was also able to meet with my friend James to work on podcast stuff, which was delightful. I was also able to edit a few articles late at night after the visits were over.

It was also special that we were here for an evening with our church family. We played softball. I think the youngest batter was three or four years old while the oldest was sixty years older. We weren’t concerned about being professional; we just had fun being together and making good memories.

I’ll include a number of pictures. We hope you all are taking good care of yourselves.

Meeting our brother David for ice cream
Celebrating our 13th anniversary
At a park
With a lake
Some garden work
Saturday morning pancakes
Ice cream with Steph’s family
Giving a haircut
Loading up a goat
Cleaning out a pool
The catch
Que rico
Meeting encouragers
Staining boards
Old friends
Looking at pictures
My turn
Dane’s go
Beautiful sunset colors