Steph Is Doing Well

The surgeon said it should take forty-five minutes in the operating room, with the actual surgery being ten minutes each hand. However, the right hand took extra long for some reason.

I was feeling a bit anxious. The nurse had let me in for a short while after Steph’s IV was in, but then I had to go back outside. The forty-five minutes came and went. I prayed a while then fell asleep on the park bench.

An hour later, I woke up. Still no news. I sat and soaked up the sun for a bit before the nurse arrived. It took a little over twice as long as they expected, but the surgeon was happy with the results.

I helped Steph dress, and then we were on our way. We stopped at Taco Bell to celebrate Steph’s surgery and my birthday. We drove up to Strasburg, about an hour away and picked up Steph’s pain meds. She said she was ready for them by then.

She slept really well after that.

She cannot use her hands for four days. Then for four weeks after that, she cannot lift more than five pounds.

Thanks for praying.

The surgeon praying for Steph before taking her back to the operating room.
Removing the IVs afterward
A bit sleepy on the way home
Arms on ice