Fewer Than a Dozen Days

That means we are due some excitement.

Steph and I had talked about getting the Covid vaccine because we thought it may make traveling easier, but we just never got around to it, and now we have too few days left to make it happen in the window left. Since we had already contracted the virus, we didn’t feel any real motivation.

But then we found out last night that the Peruvian goverment was saying that they would soon require the vaccine for entry into Peru. Well. I spent a lot of time this morning hunting down official statements by the government as well as requirements by our airlines and so on. It was true. As of today, I think, Peru required “two doses” of a Covid vaccine in order to enter the country. That was exactly two more doses than we had.

I sent out an email to Golden Rule asking about options for rebooking, and I scheduled a vaccine appointment for both Steph and me. We got our first dose out of the way, but we did not hear back yet from the travel agency. I also emailed the Embassy and did hear from them.

They confirmed that the requirement had been in place, but that it was no longer. I am fairly surprised at how quickly it was changed. The airline we were flying with (LATAM) had also shown on their website that the vaccine was required, but they have since updated their policy, too. I wonder how many people were turned away last night and today before the change in policy was realized by all the airline staff affected. I can imagine there are some unhappy people in Miami and Atlanta just now.

I had told someone last night after church that “I wasn’t really expecting much difficulty, but that we would be glad for prayer.” That made me chuckle today as I was scrambling around the internet, looking for answers. But it certainly feels like we’re headed back to Peru now!

I let our friends in Peru know this morning, and they responded with an overwhelming degree of support. They all said the same thing: that God would take care of it, and we would be able to come anyway. And they all promised to pray for us. When I let them know that the decree changed, they didn’t really seemed surprised–they’re just excited to have us coming home.

Percy told me that there are still a few projects left on his list, so he will be working at getting those finished before we get home. He says all is well, and the animals are happy. I’m ready to get home and see things for myself, and I’m especially curious to see how he handled a few construction/remodeling projects while we were away.

Steph’s hands are doing okay. She says she definitely feels that they are more free and don’t go numb. The fingers themselves don’t hurt like they used to, but she still has a good bit of pain in her wrists from the surgery. On her right hand–the one that took so long in surgery–she has had a lot of bruising, both in her hand and up her arm. The bruising is going away and is mostly gray now, but they pain is still there.

But she is getting more use out of them lately. It is easier for her to do small things around the house like wash counters or give Willow a bottle after someone gives Willow to her. Thursday morning we go back to the surgeon to have the stitches taken out and to get an assement of her progress so far. We’re expecting everything to be fine.

Thinking about heading back does make my current experiences here more poignant. Last night at church we had a song service. Strasburg is a singing congregation and can really put out some beautiful harmonies. There were a few songs or verses where I simply sat and intentionally soaked in both the message and messengers of the song. I wanted to be able to remember it when we go back to being only a few voices.

We have had much good, strengthening fellowship with the brethren here. They have blessed us tremendously. I thank the Lord for this opportunity.

I have not been taking pictures much lately. 😁

The moon