Fewer than 75 Hours to Go!

And I am trying not to go completely bananas thinking about what all needs to happen yet.

Tomorrow will be pretty full. I have a chiropractor appointment early in the morning in Harrisonburg, then we need to take all the children to the doctor to get a bill of health for flying. I received an email from Latam only a few moments ago that said the bill of health is required, so that changes plans.

Caleb’s will be up tomorrow afternoon, Lord willing to meet with us to get Covid tests taken. Elisabeth Wenger is also flying with us as far as Lima, so she will be getting tested with us, also. I had to get all those appointments made today, which took some doing. I didn’t have any service where we were for the day with friends over the mountain, but they thankfully had Wifi.

Please pray for us and the tests. We need to have the results back before we fly on Friday, and I feel pretty anxious about that timing. We have to have the tests–or results???–within 72 hours of the flights. But is it the flight from Dulles? from Miami? or from Lima? I went over the math with several different men, and I think we have the right timing now. But please pray for us.

We will have 13 people and over 30 pieces of luggage to contend with, That looks like a lot, especially considering that Steph still cannot lift anything that weighs more than her purse. That said, I will gladly maneuver all the luggages if we can just fly!

I don’t think I’m losing faith, but I somewhat worry that I’m losing faith that we can fly without some catastrophe or other. I have worked even harder this time to be sure that all the boxes are checked off for all the people. Now, I simply need to trust God.

I am so ready to be home again! We have loved being with all our dear friends and family, but we miss home.

Pray, brethren, pray.

A lake we visited