We Are Home!

The wait in the airport was long but uneventful. We slept and ate snacks and walked around and ate some more and so on.

The flight boarded a bit early, getting us to Cusco fifteen minutes ahead of schedule–the second schedule. Rafael and Percy met us at the airport. They had to park up on the street, meaning we needed to haul thirty-something pieces up the hill to the street. It is a long, long hill.

Steph and Belinda waited with the babies and luggage while the rest of us huffed and puffed up the hill. We were feeling fairly lightheaded and were gasping for breath by the time we were finally loaded up.

Caleb, Dane, Shawn, and I rode in the dump truck with Rafael. All the luggage was in the bed of his truck. The ladies and little children went in the little truck.

Rafael was starving, so he stopped and got pollo a la brasa for his supper. I then suggested getting bread for Caleb to try, so we stopped at a roadside stand. We got some that was made with chocolate in it. So good!

We got home around 10:30 and unloaded all the luggage. Rafael’s stayed about an hour more. China and I were really wanting to open a few cases to get a headstart (and to find goodies). We worked through three and found all the cheese before going to bed.

We slept in because Percy did chores for me. After a pancake breakfast–with peanut butter!–we called in to the message in Strasburg.

Caleb and Belinda were feeling pretty poorly with migraines. They were in bed most of the day but are feeling better now. We other adults had headaches and dizziness by supper, but the children all seem to be doing fine.

I enjoyed working with the animals this evening, but they are much thinner than I’d like them to be. I’ll be working at getting their body condition back up.

Thanks to everyone for your encouraging words and your prayers. We are thankful to be home.

Collecting luggage at Cusco
With Rafael again
Caleb had all he could take.
Church service with Strasburg
Going on a walk