A Quick Trip to Cusco

Caleb wanted to buy a fridge for their house, and we wanted to get a phone plan for us all, both things that needed to happen in Cusco. We joked that we’d just quickly run in and do a few things, but we knew better.

China went with us to help me with shopping in Plaza Vea. We decided we should stop there since it would be a Cusco day.

We went first to Entel to get the phone plans. They were able to help me, but the wait was more than an hour long. Caleb and China decided to go window shopping while I was in the phone. Hilariously, they were hauled out of the mall by the mall police.

I’m laughing thinking about it again, but apparently Caleb and China were ignorantly insisting on going through a “solo salida” door into a clothing store where Caleb wanted to look for a jacket, I think. They both said later they knew or should have known what the sign meant, but they were confused by the guards talking Spanish to them and using signs and wonders to tell them to go away.

Caleb said he politely told them thank you, then went right where they didn’t want them to go. Soon, a mall cop showed up and insisted they follow him. Caleb and China said they were sure they were being led away to be mugged as they went through narrow dark halls to a door that led outside the mall. There the officer left them.

And behold! The “solo entrada” door was there before them–on the outside of the mall. We all had a great laugh out of it later, but Caleb and China decided the best way to kill their time was to sit outside the phone store where they could see me.

We did get new phone numbers, thankfully. We then went to get lunch, then to Plaza Vea, then to the bank, then to Promart, then back to Plaza Vea for the fridge. I managed to get five miles of walking in today, and it was mostly inside.

The fridge was pretty precariously tied down by someone who was not me, but whose name begins with C and ends in B and sort of rhymes with Kalep. It was bouncing around quite frightfully as we went hunting for potholes and speedbumps on the way out of Cusco.

Eventually, I insisted we stop and tie it another way that discouraged dancing in newly purchased refrigerators, and we went happily on our way, hitting innumerable and invisible speedbumps without fear.

It was fun to show our wives all the treasures we had found. Sadly, China’s phone chip isn’t activated for reasons unknown, so that will be another trip to Cusco. That shouldn’t take long to clear up, but I don’t know when I’ll do it.

Our new numbers:
Caleb: +51933830443
Belinda: +51934795829
China: +51922790421
Steph: +51923258889
Shawn: +51923410008

Such a beautiful morning!
Fridge hunting
A long list of supplies
Finally headed home
This seems questionable.
China had an uncomfortable ride home because the truck was full.
Going through bags