Happy birthday, Seth!

I am very tired.

We all went to market this morning, partly to let Caleb see the market, and partly to do some shopping. Belinda wanted to come along, but she and Ashlyn haven’t been feeling the best. Their oxygen concentration is still low.

We came back from market with two turkeys, two ducks, two goats, six chickens, and one dog (for China). We also bought some veggies.

After we took care of all the animals, Abbey, Seth, and I went to town to look for bicycles. Abbey’s birthday had been last month, and Seth’s was today. I also looked for a tricycle for Walter’s birthday, but I wasn’t successful.

After lunch, the children had naps then we prepped the house for Percy’s and Rafael’s, who came for supper.

We had five different types of pizza since it was Friday and a birthday. It was all delicious. It was delightfu to be with friends here again.

I had gotten a piรฑata, and Steph made a cake. Both things were greatly enjoyed by all. Caleb and I ran up to the upper house when we ran out of water; we needed to unplug the pump. I’m not sure what caused us to empty the tank, but we suspect a leaking toilet.

I guess that officially initiates Caleb and Belinda.

Checking oxygen concentration
Our animals
Getting bikes
Making the cake
The piรฑata
With all his birthday gifts on
Thank you