Water and Work

We’re very thankful to have water again. It started running last evening, but it was just a trickle and fairly dirty. We saved a bunch of it for washing and such. Now this morning, it was nice and clear with good pressure.

The tank is full again, praise the Lord. The pressure pump is working well, too. Steph was happy to do laundry with the machine this morning.

Speaking of laundry, Caleb is working on putting a clothesline indoors and upstairs here. We’re already getting into the habit of dashing out to grab clothes off the line as the afternoon rain comes in. We’ve had rain every day in October so far.

A few goats kidded recently, but the kids didn’t want to stay in their pen and figured out how to jump off the walls and through the fencing wire. Caleb worked on putting wooden lathes around the pen. That should keep them in.

Belinda and Ashlyn seemed better today. Belinda tried baking bread today, and it turned out very well. I’m impressed, given it was her first time at this elevation.

We were glad to have Percy’s family with us for the service and evening yesterday. Rafael’s did not come after all but sent us a host of apologies. We need to keep praying for them.

I heard from Cristina but not from anyone else. I want to visit some of the others this week if time allows. We need to establish connection.


  • Praise God for water!
  • Pray for Rafael and Elisabet
  • Pray for Percy’s
  • Pray for Belinda and Ashlyn to acclimate
  • Pray for Esmeralda, Cristina, and Alicia
Afternoon rain
7:00 a.m. morning sunshine
The kid pen project
The beginning of the clothesline