An Update in Pictures

I have been making cheese. Tomorrow will be my third Thursday of cheesemaking, and I’m really enjoying it. The cheddar I made last week was enough to keep one round for aging and another for fresh. We used the fresh on pizza and sandwiches over the next few days, and I really liked it.

Steph is in the beginning stages of potty-training Walter. Shawn and Seth are very supportive.

I hung some solar lights around the place.

We took a bunch of broken bikes to the shop and brought them back all fixed.


We bought a doeling and a buckling. Actually, the buckling is Caleb’s.

I gave haircuts.

We passed out tracts on Friday. I didn’t keep track of how many we passed out, and I didn’t get many pictures. Steph, Abbey, Dane, Caleb, and I went into the market in Izcuchaca. We passed out three large backpacks’ worth and three little backpacks’ also.

Stuffing tracts

We set up the new school room. Caleb, China, and I worked on that. I came late, so they had most of it done.

The children came to see.

Rafael’s came for church. Caleb had devotions, which I translated for him. We have next to no pictures of that.

Steph got back into baking a bit, and she made salsa.

Caleb and I are trimming goat hooves this week.

Caleb is also working on prepping the garden.

Aunt Belinda reads stories to the children.