Surgery Soon for Seth

Surgery doesn’t seem like the right word, but that’s what they’re calling it.

We went to five separate hospitals or clinics until we found a place with an anesthesiologist available. Seth has to be put to sleep for the operation, which will involve stitching closed the tissue in the roof of his mouth.

The moral of the story is never run with a stick in your mouth.

We are all pretty worn out. I sent Caleb to find food, and he found a young man who makes pizza in his house. He knew just a little English, and Caleb knew a little Spanish, so it worked.

The doctor we found is a pediatrician who is very polite. He arranged with an anesthesiologist friend of his in another clinic. We are now in the doctor’s car on the way to the other clinic.

Seth is terrified though I’m not sure why. Hopefully, we’ll be on our way home in a couple of hours.

Seth is rather scared and says it hurts.
On a moto on the way to the first hospital
Waiting outside hospital number three
On the fifth floor, watching cars go by on the street below
Walking with the doctor to his car
Writing this blog post….