Water Heater and a Fire

Firstly, we were alone yesterday. We enjoyed a continuation of our Wednesday Church Retreat Sunday morning up to lunch. Then in the afternoon, we had our Spanish service. Caleb had his devotional in Spanish this time.

It was a restful day. We missed having visitors, but we were glad to worship together.

Today, Caleb installed the water heater. It didn’t work at first. We fiddled with it a while, but were unsuccessful. So, Caleb used a 4# sledge hammer and smashed the one piece he thought wasn’t working. It has worked like a dream since.

We are praising the Lord for hot water down here again! It’ll make things just that little bit easier.

While Caleb was smashing the water heater, I worked in the garden. He then came and joined me. We made good progress, using picks to remove the grass around the edges. That grass wasn’t all cleaned out last year, so it has some pretty nasty roots. We are pretty sore now.

We removed some of the wood, which inspired us to make a fire, which inspired us to roast hotdogs. The wind really started whipping up, a cold, sharp wind, by the time we were all fed. We didn’t stay out too much longer.

We have had 25 days in a row with rain, but it didn’t rain today yet. Maybe this cold wind will bring a storm before midnight to keep up the streak.

Studying in the sun
Elaborating πŸ™‚
Hanging up the water heater
Good to go!
Lots of roots
Almost done
The kids are helping us.