Visits and Solos

Yesterday afternoon, we were able to get a few hours of visiting in. We couples took our girls while China kept the boys.

We did not find Alicia at home at first, so we went to Fernando’s. Esmeralda and MarΓ­a Gracia were there. Esmeralda said Fernando was out drinking with Fernando Jr. and some other drinking buddies “como siempre,” just like always.

Fernando Jr. is building a small house on the back of their property. Esmeralda said that “the owner” says they’ll probably be moving in this year yet. Steph and I both thought she seemed rather defeated and detached. She says she’ll be coming back to church, but we didn’t see her today.

We then went to Alicia’s, and she was home. She was caring for a new calf. She says she misses us and hopes to be at services, but she isn’t sure when because of the calf.

I had talked with Rafael a few days ago, and he offered of his own volition that they would be here today. I had sent out a reminder, but no one arrived.

However, we had a good Sunday. We spent the morning in further study and prayer together, discussing how we can better use our week to get into homes and share the gospel. Pray for us as we seek the Lord’s face.

We enjoyed an evening of games like Sardines and Dutch Blitz. I am no good at Dutch Blitz, but it was fun to laugh and fellowship together.

Esmeralda and Willow
Alicia was delighted to see us.
Looking at the guinea pigs
Studying and snacking
The children colored beside us or else stood and listened.
Caleb sharing his devotional in Spanish
Dutch Blitz