Getting into the Garden

Well, I haven’t gotten an update to you yet, but we’re still kicking. I’ve been intensely looking forward to next week when Caleb’s get back.

We’ve made school good, but I’ll be glad to turn it over to China again. One day this week, Steph had a Posta appointment for Willow. She left the little boys with me. That was our only “bad day” at school. I do not operate very well with distraction and noise, especially where it’s supposed to be quiet. I think I’d make a good librarian.

We received another visit from the Social Service lady. She apologized repeatedly and told us that she is obligated by the Posta to do the visits, but she can easily see that we care for our family. Willow gazed at her with her triple chins jiggling in agreement.

Since the lady showed up early, we finished up chores and had her join us for coffee and breakfast. She was quite happy and told us she’d be back to buy a goat. I guess that’s high praise.

I’ve been pushing myself to get into the garden each day after school that I’m able so that we get it planted. We have made some good progress this week; the family helped me a good bit.

We have planted jalapeños and sweet peppers and cucumbers and green beans. We also have yellow squash volunteers from last year that look beautiful. Along the south wall, we planted ferns and sowed a mixture of annual flowers. Along the east fence, we planted several yards of sunflowers. And on a short section of the north fence, we planted oriental grass.

I hope things pop up. That will be pretty exciting. I’m using one meter square blocks for my patches of plants this year. It will definitely be a hobby garden, but it’ll be enough.

Dane and Shawn and I went into Izcuchaca one afternoon to get seven sacks of sawdust. I’m mixing that with the compost and goat droppings to make my mulch. I still wish I could find better wood chips.

Caleb’s leave Puno Tuesday night, so we should see them Wednesday, Lord willing.

The Social Services lady
My helpers
Making patches
The yellow squash
Getting compost
The planted patches so far
Sowing flowers
The ferns and flower bed
Looking forward to seeing the amaryllis this year
Beautiful sunset
The moon