Caleb’s and China Are Back!

I left here around 5:00 yesterday to go collect them from the bus terminal. Their bus was somewhat delayed, so I had a little wait, but everything went smoothly.

We talked on the way home, through breakfast, and beyond about all things Puno and Spanish. Then they all went for naps.

I finished editing a podcast and released it, then I also took a nap. In the afternoon, I put our junior turkey (AKA a chicken) into a brine I had made up the night before. It was onion, garlic, apple, lemon, orange, salt, sugar, pepper, turmeric, basil, parsley, thyme, rosemary, tarragon–and other stuff I forget, in chicken broth. It smells amazing.

I asked Caleb if he was ready to help me, and he was, so after supper, we killed and dressed a wether to hang overnight. Nothing like butchering to welcome one home! We had four young wethers, but one was big enough for Thanksgiving.

Percy’s plan to be here today. They will help butcher and then stay until we have our Thanksgiving meal around 3:00.

Rafael’s had said they would be here, but we’ve heard nothing from them since Sunday. I was by the store twice, and it was closed up and locked, so I think they may have gone away. They had mentioned needing space and wanting to go to Lima; maybe they did.

They’re back!
Hanging the wether
It’s almost fun when you have someone helping.
Ready to butcher
My concoction
The chicken