Doubly Vaccinated

I told Rafael and Elisabet about my troubles in Cusco because of not having the vaccination card to enter places. This worried them because they do nearly all of their shopping for the store in Cusco, but they have only their first vaccination.

They decided they would go Saturday morning and that we should go, too. None of us were sure how to go about getting our first vaccination from the States recognized in the Peruvian system.

Rafael said he would be ready to go at 10:00. He called at 11:00 to say he was ready. We got there at 11:30, and he went to change to get ready to leave. We were at the hospital in Izcuchaca around noon, but they said they could not help us because we are foreigners; we would have to go to Cusco.

Rafael’s decided we should eat lunch first, which took over an hour and a half. Elisabet stayed behind to watch the store while we other three went to Cusco.

Nearly the whole way there, Rafael talked about the troubles he’s dealing with in life. He’s facing disappointment at every turn. I still think it is the Lord trying to speak to him. I’m glad we had the day to talk.

We found the stadium where they were doing the vaccination. There was a line of a couple dozen people down the sidewalk along where we parked. Walking around the corner, we saw dozens and dozens more people in line!

We went up to the door to try to talk with someone because we still didn’t know if we could get our U.S. vaccinations into the Peruvian system at that location. We were there for at least fifteen minutes with Rafael calling for help through the bars at any nurse who walked by. They all had the same reply, “Get in line .”

With perseverance, he did get a nurse to come over. He explained our situation, which she said was different because we were extranjeros. She took our cards inside to talk with her supervisor. A couple minutes later she was back to call us in!

There was a small riot at the gate because we were allowed in while the others who had been in line for hours had to keep waiting. We felt both very bad and very glad.

The lady took us to a desk where a rather cheerful man took our cards and entered all our information into the system. I was praying he would accept a picture of Steph’s carnet because hers is somewhere with her stolen wallet. Praise the Lord, it was no problem.

They told us we had to receive Pfizer because that was what our first dose had been. They had numerous lines for other vaccines, mostly the Chinese one, but the Pfizer line was empty. They reserve Pfizer for compromised people and extranjeros.

We had no wait. As Rafael said, they went “Pum y Pah y Psshht!” and we were done. He said he was so happy to be with us to avoid the line. He grinned rather mischievously as he said that it will be too sad that Elisabet will have to stand in line all day since she wanted to work instead of coming with. He apparently thought she was getting her comeuppance.

Immediately afterward, we tried out the cards. Steph was able to get into OriΓ³n and bought some peanut butter in celebration. Rafael and I stayed out and bought cotton candy from a vendor walking through the plaza.

Rafael said we were so lucky, and I told him, “No, praise the Lord for opening the doors for us.”

He said, “You’re right, David. When I’m with you, God always helps us.” I hope that thought can sink deeply into his heart.

Both Steph and I are rather sore this morning. Steph has a bit of fever, but I’m just achey and have somewhat of a light cold.

I took Tylenol before milking, but milking two cows alone, especially that fresh heifer, has really not helped me feel better. Anne tried to help at the end, but she mostly succeeded in getting milk all over my knees.

I had planned to preach today, but at this point, I think that might not happen. We’ll see.

Rafael, calling for help
I didn’t get any good pictures of how long the lines were.
Our happy helper
A couple of stations inside
Steph watched. She’s brave.
I leaned far away to pretend I wasn’t there.
Rafael got the Chinese vaccine.
All done!
We had to wait in this room for a while to make sure we had no reactions.