More Vaccinated People

We left at 7:30 yesterday. Caleb and Belinda had a few stressful moments the days before because their vaccination cards from the States had disappeared. They jumped through a couple hoops to get a digital copy, then Belinda opened her diaper bag and found the originals!

China had her card, too. They had all received Moderna before, but the second dose needed to be Pfizer, as that’s what they’re giving to foreigners, at least here. Leonela came along; this would be her first vaccine.

We arrived to find the line not terribly long. Then it started moving along faster and faster! I could hardly believe our good fortune… until we passed the gate and kept walking on up the street! They decided that today we should come the opposite direction from last week and had moved the entire line of over a hundred people.

We sat and waited and talked and sat and waited and ran to get a papaya juice for Belinda and waited and got sandwiches for the others and sat and waited. Occasionally, the line would move forward by half a dozen people.

We were in line only about three hours until it was our turn! I was rather pleased that it was no longer of a wait. Leonela was able to be first since she’s a native. Our paperwork took awhile, but one by one, the others were able to go through the line, and soon we were all through.

In the waiting area, we were told that there should be no side effects because side effects are not normal to vaccination. The man went over several times the list of things the vaccination would not do before letting us go. Tada!

We then did some shopping. There were a few places where Leonela could not go in, but we worked around it.

We were a rejoicing bunch. Besides having success with the vaccination, we received word that our friends and brothers in Haiti had escaped their captors. Praise the Lord! We pray they will have joy transitioning back into freedom again after so long.

The children mentioned at supper how good God is to answer so many of our prayers; He loves us a lot. Let’s remember to praise Him and thank Him.

On the way home, I was able to pick up the second box from my family. We opened it together, and Steph and Belinda did get gifts, too! The rest of the box was filled with treasures like peppermints, rollos, jolly ranchers, Velveeta, books–and coffee!

Thanks again, family. We feel very special.

P.S. One thing I didn’t yet report was that César is no longer working here. Percy helped me talk with him on Wednesday, and I was so glad he did because it took more than an hour on some difficult discussions.

ésar was not willing to leave. He stubbornly insisted he was incredible and deserved more, saying at one point that Percy was “a nobody” and that César knew “more of the Bible and more of anything” than Percy and would like to fight to prove it.

He is dismissed. While we were in Cusco on Wednesday, he came back to ask if he could have Leonela’s phone number and address. Of course, Steph did not give it to him and just sent him home. I let Percy know, and he came over to make sure César was gone. (Percy is working at his house for the landowner on a large project; that’s why he’s not always here.)

Percy stayed humble, but he was very firm in our talk, giving César quite the thorough rebuke. I mostly didn’t do much until César started speaking ill against Percy. I stayed quiet, but I rebuked him pretty sharply for his disrespect. I said Percy was “my right hand and my voice” and that César must respect him equally as he would me. I’m afraid that stoked the fire for Percy, and he really gave it to César after that.

That was stressful, but I really do think it was a good outcome. César received a lot of good biblical teaching in an hour’s time. And I think Percy’s and my relationship was strengthened. Thanks for those of you who let us know you were praying about that.

Helping Percy cut hay
In the sunshiny line
Leonela being brave
Caleb went first of the other three.
China didn’t even cry!
All done!
Collecting the box
Each of the children got a cup with a straw.