Happy birthday to Caleb

Yesterday morning I wrote a blog post, but the app crashed and the post with it, and I never got it rewritten. It may just be a blog lost to time.

Per usual, my morning was taken up with sermon study. It was a foggy, rainy, cool day. I really struggled to pull the message together, feeling mentally attacked. I called up a friend to help me in prayer and felt able to think clearly after that.

In the afternoon, China and I ran into town to ship a package to a Dear Friend Who Happens to Live Close to Lima. Then we ran back to be here in time for China to help Belinda with supper.

They made a Mexican supper of various fajitas that we made into tacos. It was a delicious meal. Rafael’s came and spent some time with us, too. This is Caleb’s first birthday here, but I pray he has many more.

Elisabet was feeling a cold coming on. They had planned to be at the service today, but she was feeling very ill today, so they stayed home.

We did enjoy the service with Percy’s family. He had invited his cousin and some nieces and nephews from the village. We were at their house again, which has a nice open space that is working well for our needs.

Percy said he would like to pray in the service, so I have been asking him to lead us in closing prayer. Today was a moving time of everyone praying for the lost in our community. The message was on prayer, so we all felt challenged to devote ourselves more to that spiritual discipline.

Please pray for Percy and Lucrecia who are going to Cusco tomorrow to look for a doctor willing to do surgery on her gallbladder, which is giving her great pains from gallstones.

Levi and Byron are preparing to fly this Wednesday. Let’s keep them in prayer, too.

Mailing a package to Lima for $3.75.
Birthday fajitas
Birthday gifts
Carrot cake
Service today