Levi Arrived; Byron Did Not

We’re feeling a bit disheartened, but Byron did not make it through immigration. Byron was able to borrow a phone to call me when he realized he was being deported.

I made several calls to some contacts who work with immigration, but there was nothing we could do on this end. It seems like maybe there is just one glitch in a document somewhere that could be the problem, but I really don’t know.

Byron flies back tonight and arrives in Dulles tomorrow afternoon. I feel so badly for him. I’m sure it has to be very challenging and potentially discouraging for him. Keep him in prayer.

Levi and Philip were able to get here, and they are doing well. Levi is feeling the effects of missing sleep, so he’s been catching some cat naps here and there.

Lucrecia comes home in the morning. Steph made soup for the children, and I’m running that over in just a few minutes.

Rafael said that Elisabet tested negative today, so they’re thinking they probably won’t quarantine–not that they were before anyway. Everyone here at home is feeling improved.

We’re praying that Byron will find a solution to be able to come, and that he will also find the courage to try again.

Waiting for supper