Byron Is Back in the States; We Carry On

Sadly, Byron’s situation couldn’t be changed, and he was deported. I don’t know exactly how things sit now, but at least for now, he isn’t coming. He may know more later this week.

We enjoyed handing out tracts this week twice with a new element. We have had cards made with the church name, number, and an invitation link to the WhatsApp group where the recorded sermons are shared.

It was nice for all of us to have something more concrete to give people who asked about our church. A couple people havejoined the WhatsApp group since then. That’s exciting!

Yesterday, Levi, Caleb, Philip, and I went to visit José, but he was not to be found. We waited a while for Rene because the ladies in the cheese plant kept saying she would be there in un ratito. Levi asked if we’d discovered how long that was yet.

Levi was able to visit Fernando, and Fernando invited us for service this Sunday. We had planned to have it at Percy’s like we have been, but we changed the location, and Percy’s were able to come.

It was a good afternoon with Fernando’s. I hope we can stay connected with them again. Levi had a talk with him this afternoon about why we cannot hope for peace in the world. Fernando had requested that we pray for world peace, and I had said that’s not something we can pray for, but we can receive peace in Jesus personally.

Another happy thing from today was that Levi became a grandpa! Their oldest son and his wife had their first child and daughter and Levi and Judi’s first grandchild. We rejoiced with them.

Getting tracts ready
Hiking out to town
Passing out tracts
Ice cream afterward