A Visit from Ernest Martin’s

We’ve been delighting in the Ernest Martin family from Huaral. They were visiting in Puno last week, and on their way home, they stopped for a few days here. We’re really glad they could come.

I’ve struggled to be always in the most joyful of spirits, given the recent disappointments, but I have been struggling. That is to say that I have found my time alone with the Lord sweet despite the tears. Having other believers here these days has been a boost.

We enjoyed having the Sunday service with Percy’s again. Brother Ernest had the devotional, and Brother Levi the sermon. We were a small group, but I felt the presence of the Lord.

We’ve noticed that Meldris, Percy’s second daughter, has been covering her head the last couple Sundays. Leonela talked with her about it today, and she said that she’s been convicted of it as she’s been working through a book Leonela had shared with her. We can pray for her.

Rafael and Elisabet asked to stay for devotions last night, so we sang extra long. Elisabet said she wants to come to church, but that Rafael doesn’t. The Spirit is speaking to them.

Ernest’s leave early in the morning before the sunrise. Pray for their safe travels.

Levi goes into Cusco early tomorrow to get the Covid test for Philip so they can fly. There has been lots of sickness around, so we want to pray that the test is clear so they can fly tomorrow night.

We’re a needy people, aren’t we? But we’re blessed to have a mighty God who loves and cares for us.

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