More and More Covid. Close the Door, Covid!

Last week, Rafael and Elisabet tested positive for Covid.

Percy’s family tested positive for Covid.

Walter’s family tested positive for Covid. Alicia is also sick; Steph took her Tylenol and soup.

China and I are sick, and I am sure it’s Covid because of the symptoms.

Caleb, Belinda, and Ashlyn were sick over the weekend, but seem to be recovering. We expect they also had Covid, but it seems like the vaccinations may have helped make it light.

Ernest’s family were afflicted, various ones at various stages, and when they left this morning early, they were still fighting something. I haven’t heard how they fared today.

But perhaps the most pertinent is that Philip tested positive for Covid. He and Levi cannot fly today after all.

I feel sorry for Judi and the rest of the family who I’m sure are really missing Levi and Philip. Thank you for praying about the situation.

The sky over Inquilpata