Positive Philip Cannot Fly

Sadly, Philip is still positive, so they could not fly last night. They plan to try again on Monday.

I am finally feeling better after quite a miserable week. My O2 saturation was down to 88%, which makes one feel pretty awful. I didn’t get much done this week other than sleeping and coughing. I feel like I’m finally pulling out of it.

China and Belinda are both feeling rough still, too. China decided to call in sick today and have a rest day from school. That will probably help her recuperate.

I’m taking Steph to Izcuchaca to go grocery shopping. I don’t plan to get out, just be the taxi driver. We’re also taking in two kittens for Rafael’s to give to neighbors.

It continues to rain and probably won’t let up until the end of February. I do not mind rain if I can see the sun, but long stretches of cloudy days are heavy on my mind. Steph is feeding me piles of liquid sunshine in the form of Vitamin D supplements; that is a help.

Rainy days