The Third Time…

Levi and Philip leave early in the morning to try again to get a negative test for Covid. We have received numerous and sundry methods for receiving a negative test. Thanks for caring.

If a negative test is secured, they will fly tomorrow night, Lord willing. Please pray with them for that.

We had service at Caleb’s today with no visitors. That was the first time in a long time that we’ve been alone. We were planning to have it at Percy’s again, but at noon Percy messaged to say they could not because they had an accident at home; I still don’t know what happened.

I coughed only a little bit today, which is such a blessing. Yesterday, I thought my head was going to explode from the migraine I had from coughing. Literally! (As in, definitely literally, but figuratively. You know.)

Steph and I are scheduled to go out with Rafael and Elisabet tomorrow evening. That’s heavy on my heart because it’s been awhile since we’ve had quality time with them alone. I don’t want to squander the opportunity. Please pray about that if you think of it.

A succulent that brings me joy