Taking a Break

Thanks so much for following the blog, for checking in once in awhile, but most of all for praying. Your support is invaluable.

But there will not be a blog for the immediate future. I am planning to step away into silence. I don’t know for how long, but it will be an extended break. I feel that I will likely be back before the year’s end., but we shall see.

Why? My emotional/mental health is something I’ve discovered in the past needs attention. If ignored too long, I pay for it–and those around me do, too–and the red flags have been waving.

I have been intentionally cutting out things in recent weeks that are eating into my mental load and have seen some improvement, so I know this is the right choice for now.

I plan to check in periodically with updates of farm and church life for my Patreon supporters.

Otherwise, I don’t expect to write at all with the exception of sending one final post to let you know when Brother Levi leaves Peru. Philip tested positive for the third time, so they still could not fly. They did get a bus to Huaral last night and plan to visit the brethren there until they are able to leave the country.

Thanks again for your support. Pray for us when you think of it. I hope to see you again someday.

Supper with Rafael and Elisabet last night