In Puno Without Esmeralda

Despite trying many times throughout the day, we could not reach Esmeralda. It seems her phone was turned off until late last night. Steph and I left for Puno without her.

We are saddened by that and worried, but we can understand she is trying to make the best choices she knows in order to protect us. We want to encourage her to keep pressing forward even if this trip didn’t happen. She said she feels really guilty for the cost that was wasted.

It has to be a very difficult and confusing time for her. We do not feel she rejected the Lord or was ashamed of him, to answer some of your questions. She is navigating stormy seas with little experience. We continue to pray for her.

Steph and I are glad to be in Puno for Spanish school. Hopefully, I’ll actually be able to speak Spanish after this trip. That’s my dream.

We are staying at a house two blocks down the hill from the Rocas; an older couple who are friends of the Rocas was willing to rent us their upstairs for the duration of our stay.

I know many of you are just as anxious as we are about Esmeralda. Well, be anxious for nothing! We are working to trust that same power that works in us will keep her, also. If there are any changes, I’ll let you know.