Another Vaccine Dose and the GCM Board Came to Visit

Thursday morning, three members from the mission board planned to arrive in Cusco. Caleb had been looking into getting a third dose of the vaccine because we are not legally able to enter certain places without it. However, because we are foreigners, we cannot get the vaccine in Izcuchaca. So, we decided to take advantage of a Cusco run and try to get the vaccine in the same go.

Caleb, Belinda, China, Steph, and I, along with Willow, Walter, and Seth, went in bright and early, leaving at 5:30. That got us there an hour before the vaccine center opened, but that’s better than being late. The last time we had gone, we were in line for hours. This time, we were the first ones there, and it appeared that very few followed us; the majority of Peruvians have been prompt with the vaccine program.

Things went fairly smoothly getting the vaccine though it took a long time for them to get all of our info into the system the way that it should have been. Apparently, the way we were entered the last time wasn’t the correct way. In fact, I wasn’t entered at all, they said. By the time the others had all received their dose, it was time to pick up the Board members at the airport. I needed to stay behind to wait for all my info to be put in all over again.

Finally, that was done, and I caught a taxi to Real Plaza to do a bank run and to grab some gluten-free things for Seth. The others met me there, and we headed home vaccinated and visited.

In line for the vaccine
Much waiting for all the data to be entered
The visitors

The visit from the Board has been encouraging for me. It has been good to have some long talks with the three brothers from the States about a number of church-related things. I’ve been glad we could share together. Today we will be looking at a document we want to consider as a base for our church brotherhood agreement. It is exciting to see some actual progress for some of the “official” side of church life.

As an aside, I will be grateful for when we get to heaven and can just worship the Lord unofficially and where He can just love us back as part of His family with none of this stuff in between us. Won’t that be joy!

Though we’ve enjoyed our time with them, a few of the visitors have suffered with adjusting to the change in elevation. Kevin was especially off on Thursday but seems to be getting gradually better. Andrew Crider brought his six-year-old son along (also an Andrew) and he has had it worse than anyone. I’m pretty sure that’s because he has been playing and running harder than the men. 🙂

In goat news, we are praising the Lord that we sold three goats on Friday. They were the only ones we took in, and I think we had them sold within five to ten minutes of being at the market. That was delightful.

We are also praising the Lord that we can get water from Percy’s. The water has not been flowing since at least Monday. We managed to keep up with the necessities with creek water, but Percy offered that we could fill the reserve tank at their place in Huancarpata. Caleb and the other men went up to do that this morning while I studied, so we were able to do laundry today! While we passed out tracts in Compone, we let the tank fill a second time, so there should be enough for short showers tonight. That will be lovely.

The Board helping prepare tracts
Passing out tracts
Lots of people