The GCM Board Left and We All Got Sick

We had a truly blessed time with the three members from the mission board, Levi, Andrew, and Kevin. Our days were often in meetings with the Board, and I confess that it was a bit nerve-racking to have to give account to them, but they made it very enjoyable and encouraging. They left a few things to consider and some goals to reach for. I appreciated their interest and direction.

We were blessed to share Sunday services with them. Sunday afternoon we had instruction class with Anne, Abbey, and Esmeralda again. This time Elisabet came and Lucrecia’s brother Edwin as well as Percy’s family. One of the questions was about telling “How God changed you…” when new birth happened.

We allowed whoever wanted to share a testimony to do so, and many around the circle did. There were quite a few tears that flowed as we heard some of the struggles that God has brought us through. I was especially blessed with Esmeralda’s testimony. She shared how God has changed her and given her peace and the ability to live in peace with her family, but that she knows she is not fully obeying yet, but she said she wants to, and she will! Keep praying for her as she continues to make changes.

We also handed out tracts twice with the Board brothers. I didn’t get any photographic evidence of those times, but they were special. Brother Levi and I walked a bit through Compone on Saturday and there met a lady named Elena who wanted to talk. At the end of the conversation, I told her we are looking for a place to rent in Compone where we could sell baked goods, and she said that a neighbor across the field is looking for a renter for her place that is on the main highway! I’m hoping to make a contact with the owner yet this week, if possible.

Our time with the Board’s visit was made extra… interesting?… by having no running water the whole time they were here. Conchacalla is working on something to do with a new reservoir tank or something—or at least that’s what we heard. Thankfully, we were able to get water from Percy’s house in Huancarpata, so we weren’t completely out of water the whole time, just several times here and there. 😅 That was a bit stressful to deal with while having guests, but we managed.

We are still without water. This is now about two full weeks of no running water, but there is water in the ditch for necessities, and we can get water from Percy for drinking and laundry. Caleb has done almost all of the water fetching so far, which has been a relief for me.

Fellowship meal on Sunday
Instruction class
Learning how to play 10,000
Combi ride
Lunch after getting Covid tests
Watching airplanes take off in Cusco
Looking at some property for sale nearby

Speaking of relief, I am relieved to no longer feel sick. Andrew and Little Andrew both fell ill Tuesday night/Wednesday morning; Juanito had inexplicably vomited the day before, too. I was afeared that it may be a bug that would pass through us all, and my fears were realized as one after the other of us became sick. Nearly all of us have been affected to greater or lesser degrees; several of us had bad nausea but didn’t actually succumb.

However, it seems to be pretty well past. I think only China is suffering still, but I expect she’ll bounce back directly. The Andrew’s reported that they felt well enough to eat a humogulous cheeseburger at the airport today, so they seem to be back to normal, too.

In happier news, in the last week and a half, we have sold thirteen goats! I’m very pleased with that, and I’m pretty pleased with the prices that I was able to get for them, nearly S/2,600. We are putting all the goat money into an envelope for now to put toward the opening of a small store to sell baked goods soon, if the Lord provides.

Milking some of the last times
Selling goats
Four goats in the back of another car 👋🏼