The Slabaugh’s Visited and Shawn Got a Cold

I apologize for not getting an update out to you, but I have been feeling steadily iller (Is that a word?) since Sunday. I noticed it when I walked into church Sunday morning and met a cloud of dust. I don’t know if it was that dust that caused my cold, or if it just irritated what was already happening, but as the message went on, I noticed that my throat was more and more sore, and my head felt like it was having an allergic reaction of some sort.

By Sunday night, I was feeling pretty gross, so I took pills. I take pills when I am feeling poorly though the Slabaugh boys are sure that it may be the pills that are the culprits of my (by comparison to theirs) far weaker constitution. I think they were halfway pleased that I was in bed all day Mondayโ€”further proof that pills do not work! I may have argued with them more, but I had a terribly sore throat.

We were very glad to have them visit us. They arrived on Friday afternoon, having had a very smooth trip here. I think back to my frozen experience while crossing the Andes and having a flat tire. I am glad they didn’t have that happen to them. Truly I am.

Friday evening we had a pizza night, and spent hours talking. They are always a joy to fellowship with. Bueno, casi siempre. We were all very surprised when after devotions, Simon brought out some gifts for everyone. How special! We thought their visit was gift enough, but it certainly made us feel extra loved to be thought of in that way. A few other friends from Huaral sent some giftlets or letters for various ones of us. Thanks you so much, dear ones!

I was also glad to be able to get a coffee order in with Ernest who gets coffee from the jungle. We really like this coffee, so we put in a nice sized order. I always think of the brothers in Huaral when I make coffee, so I think of them very often and try to pray for them when I do.

Making pizza

Saturday, I was in and out of the office while studying for Sunday’s message. I really wanted to be out with everyone else. A number of them worked on cleaning out the jungle of weeds that my garden had become. That was a big help to me. I found it hard to concentrate on studying, knowing we had visitors here, so I kept running out every little bit to chat.

How many tanks of water have been gotten from Percy’s in the past couple of weeks? I have lost count. With around 25 people using water, the tank kept emptying quickly. We tried to use some water from the ditch for toilets, but we weren’t very strict with that. We don’t have efficient toilets; I think they are 6 liters per flush. With toilet usage alone, we could go through quite a lot.

Saturday afternooon, Simon, Christine, Steph, and I went out for coffee or ice cream in Izcuchaca while the rest went to Huancarpata to invite some folks to church. That was pretty well our only time to be together alone as couples, and we thoroughly enjoyed it. Sometimes you just need a couple of hours talking about life with close friends.

Saturday night, we had chalupas for supper; a lot of work, but soooo good! We then played Spoons. Though China and I tried to play quietly, I’m afraid we still damaged some ears. Spoons is a very serious game.

Weeding the garden
Mother’s Day flowers for the ladies
Getting water at Percy’s
Making chalupas
Playing Spoons

Esmeralda was not at church Sunday though she messaged in the morning to let us know. She said she would be there for the afternoon study at 2:00, but she didn’t show up, so it was only Anne and Abbey. The boys had set up a volleyball net Saturday, so we played as families after naps were over.

Around 5:00, Esmeralda showed up, so I offered to do a study just with her. A few of us sat in the dining room for the study while the women worked on soft pretzels for supper.

Everyone else played Apples to Apples after supper while I worked on getting sick under blankets in the living room.

At church Sunday morning
First instruction class
Studying with Esmeralda
Pumping a bit of irrigation water out of the yard so we can play volleyball
It was getting chilly as the sun set.

Monday morning, I felt horrible. My throat was incredibly sore, my head was aching as well as the rest of my body, I was freezing but had a fever. I’m not sure what everyone got up to during the day because I was in bed.

I know that Brent and Roland went to visit a school and a children’s home in the Urubamba area. A Bolivian family there has a home where they help a number of children who are either orphans or abandoned. The family uses curriculum from the Huaral group, so it was a nice connection to make.

Also, Simon’s visited school, and Simon had devotions for the school.

One of the final three piglets up and died from a diarrheal illness. The vet came in the morning and gave it a shot of something, but the piglet died. I wonder if it had taken pills if it may have lived…. Simon and China helped me bury it. My head was incredibly painful afterward, so I went back to rest until supper.

Simon’s left last night, and they should be arriving in Huaral about now, I think. Leonela went back with them to visit her mom for about a week; she plans to fly back. Thanks for your visit, friends! We know it was a sacrifice of time and resources and scheduling things, but it was a great lift to our spirits. ยกQue Dios les bendiga!

The dying piglet. He was so fat and healthy up until then.
Farewell, Tocino!
Simon’s school devotions