Looking Over Life: A Quiverfull — Thoughts on Family Size

I want to share our latest Looking Over Life episode from the podcast I do with my friend James. You can find our website at lookingoverlife.com, but I’m going to try to include this episode in a player here below.

28: A Quiverfull — Thoughts on Family Size Looking Over Life

James and Shawn are back again, this time to talk about having babies! As James mentions in the episode, we know this can be a tricky topic to navigate, but we hope you find the conversation interesting. We're sure that you may hold different views than we do, so we'd be glad to hear from you. Send us an email with any feedback or critiques.  In this episode, we look a bit at the Quiverfull movement as it is active in the States and try to compare that with the heart God has for children. Some questions we ask are, "How big should a family be? Is God okay with us not having children or having very small families? What are children for?" We aim to put a bit of nuance into a conversation that can be somewhat polarizing at times. Share this episode with a friend and get their thoughts on it, too. We look forward to your responses. To hear the Patron episode where we first discussed this topic, visit our Patreon page. Email: lookingoverlife@gmail.com Website: lookingoverlife.com Patreon: patreon.com/lookingoverlife Ship of Theseus Wikipedia – The Quiverfull Movement Pew Research – Growing Share of Adults Who Plan to Never Have Children
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