Looking Over Life: A Quiverfull — Thoughts on Family Size

I want to share our latest Looking Over Life episode from the podcast I do with my friend James. You can find our website at lookingoverlife.com, but I’m going to try to include this episode in a player here below.

41: Ten Fun Questions With James and Shawn Looking Over Life

James and Shawn have a Q&A for themselves with questions intended to stump each other. This was a fun episode for us to do, and we may do it again, but we would like your help. Do you have a question or several that you would like to hear talked about? Please send us an email! And don't forget to answer the bonus question. Email: lookingoverlife@gmail.com Website: lookingoverlife.com Patreon: patreon.com/lookingoverlife Do poor people act poor because they are poor, or are they poor because they act poor? What causes the Northern lights? Why did the Incas have so much gold? What disease has nearly a 100% death once symptoms appear? Why do we dislike hearing our voice in recordings? What is the best book you've read in the past year? When the Lord returns, the Bible says every eye will see Him. Does that prove that the earth is flat? What do you think is the most influential thing a Christian can do to revive their spiritual life? What is the difference between baking soda and laundry washing soda? What is the hardest job you've ever had? Or most difficult job? Bonus Question: What do you think is the biggest issue facing the conservative Anabaptist churches today?
  1. 41: Ten Fun Questions With James and Shawn
  2. 40: How Can You Read Your Bible Every Day in 2023?
  3. 39: 2023 Yearly Themes
  4. 38: Needs – Wants – Dreams – Excess
  5. 37: Are You Smarter Than an 11th-Century Peasant? (with guest Christopher Slabaugh)