We Are Better and We Have Water

Well, we kind of have water. It has been coming in the evenings, but it has been enough to fill up the tank overnight, usually. We’re truly thankful for plenty of water again! Yesterday, a bunch of the neighbors met to discuss putting in a new water connection with a much larger supply line so that we don’t run out anymore. I didn’t go to the meeting because I forgot about it, but I did have to wonder how having a bigger supply line will make water come to us if they are cutting it off at the source.

I think we’re supposed to have another community meeting again sometime soon to decide what to do about having water next year. I don’t know what to expect of all of this, so I want to get Percy’s advice on it. I’m a bit skeptical about throwing money into a community hat in hopes of it making water magically appear sometime.

I feel heaps and heaps better. I can definitely tell that my voice is tired after preaching and having instruction class today, but my body feels much better. I am not a doctor, but if I had to diagnose myself, I would say that I had strep throat. I know that should be odd for me to have gotten as an adult male while most of the children got away with only a mild sore throat, but I guess I am an outlier.

China got better about the same time that I did—not suspicious at all—so she is back up and running again. She was able to connect with Esmeralda this morning to encourage her to come to the service, which she did. Afterward, Esmeralda was with us for lunch and the afternoon and instruction class.

Today’s lesson was on the church. We looked at the Head of the church, the members of the church, the work of the church, the organization of the church, and the authority of the church. Everyone had good answers, but I was deeply impressed with how clear Esmeralda’s answers were. You can tell that she has been studying.

This week looks like it could be a full one. I have an editing deadline to work on, some projects I hope to help Caleb with, Leonela flies into Cusco on Tuesday, I want to try to get a hold of the owner of a building to rent for the store, I need to prepare a series of message outlines, and more. A bunch of things have piled up since last week, but I’m glad to feel well enough to work again.

I did school with the children here one day that China wasn’t well.
I also made a Velveeta-type cheese from goat milk.
I also put this thingy in Willow’s hair.
She’s not so sure about it.
Our turkey is laying eggs now.
Very pretty
We had our first winter frost.
Instruction class today