Selling Cupcakes and Making Cakes

This week has felt more like a normal week again, getting back into the routine of baking and selling. That has made me a tic busier but not much; it has definitely made the ladies busier. Leonela seems happier to have Yeni along with her to sell; they seem to get on very well. Yeni is one of those people who sees work and just does it, so we have to watch out that she doesn’t do too much.

We’re thankful that Yeni hasn’t had much of a transition to the altitude at all. She does seem to be noticing the change in water, which will take some time for the body to adjust to. Leonela noticed a change coming back from Huaral and was more easily tired the first bit, but she seems to be getting back to her normal, energetic self. She and Yeni are taking baked goods to town today again.

Leonela made a contact that wanted a cake order from Steph, which was an exciting prospect. That is part of our long-term goal to have more orders. I haven’t found the time to get out and nail down a location from which to sell. I had one place in mind, but Percy feels it isn’t the right place, so I’m not sure what to do there. And honestly, I think that sense of not knowing holds me back from making a choiceβ€”I much prefer just having a clear sign from heaven.

Today, I’m going to market to sell goats again. I’ll probably take three or so again. The herd continues to shrink, which is what we want. All the goat money has been going into an envelope to save up for the future of the baking business, so we’re getting a nice little pile now.

I would be glad if you would pray that the goats sell.

Percy was here four days this week, which was nice. He hadn’t been working as much here because he had some responsibilities for their landlord, and they just came through harvest for their potatoes and corn. This week he made some progress on the pig pen again, putting in the concrete manure trough that will drain away from all the pens. He also got all the metal we need for welding the doors for the pen and cut some of that into the proper lengths. I would like to get the pigs moved into their new pens next week, if possible.