What Has Happened?

That’s what a lot of you have been asking. Thanks for you kind words and for checking in. I wish I could easily grab a bunch of my voice messages to some of you and make a post about what’s been happening the last couple of weeks. I have felt really busy again but in a happy and fulfilled kind of way. I will try to give a few updates over the next few days to get me caught up.

China and Yeni had a birthday; they share the same date, June 4. We had an enjoyable time celebrating together. Steph made some cakes, and there were some gifts to share. Rafael, Elisabet, and Esmeralda were here to celebrate with us. China has been wanting a laptop for a couple of years now to help with her school work and some letter writing she does. She recently joined a teachers’ group and will be writing for that, too. Her siblings decided to give her money gifts this year, and she was happy to have nearly enough to buy her new machine—this is the benefit of having eight siblings! Then she was blessed to hear that very day that an acquaintance was looking to sell his used machine. Timings like that make us feel like our Father loves to give us good gifts, even if they are machines.

We have been enjoying our time with Esmeralda, which has been increasing every week. She was with us many afternoons and evenings the last two weeks. She is still working on moving. She told us last week that it would be pronto, which means right away, but we must remind ourselves that she is Peruvian after all. At church last Sunday after the message (on “What does it mean to love God?”), she gave testimony about her salvation and how she is trying each day to grow and apply one more thing, but she has so much to grow. She blesses us to see her sincerity, and we can extend her only love and patience because isn’t that what the Lord has given us?

On Tuesday the 7th, China and Leonela flew to Costa Rica for some teacher’s meetings. They are actually returning today, and I need to run to Cusco directly to get them. China’s situation was hairy scary because I was working with the lawyer to make sure it was legal for her to travel, seeing as her residency process in ongoing. The lawyer kept putting it off and putting it off, saying, “We have plenty of time before she flies.” I was calling every day to see what the progress was, which never was much.

Finally, the day before she flew—my poor blood pressure!—he got the proper documents submitted and her permiso de viaje (permission to travel) permit. Unfortunately, the system crashed before he printed off the document. There was nothing he could do about it, so I went to my friend Rafael Roca who I always depend on to have answers the lawyer doesn’t. Maybe I should consider paying him… Anyway, he was able to contact a friend in immigration who was able to assure us that China could indeed travel safely. And he was right! She was able to go and come back again.

Now, I need to go get her and Leonela. They should have been here this morning, but they missed their morning flight. Yes, it wouldn’t quite be traveling like a Schmidt to not have at least one crisis to handle.

*Editor’s note: I didn’t send this then because the ladies managed to miss their second flight as well. I think sometimes that I should become a professional acrobat with all the hoops I’ve learned to jump through… The ladies did actually get onto the third plane I lined up for them, so there’s that to rejoice about.

The birthday girls
Devotions after supper
Prepping a very late fellowship meal
Instruction class at church
Headed to Costa Rica
Costa Rica
China brought back a letter for me from one of my little friends in Huaral 🧡