The Visitors Left, and Yeni Did, too

Last we left our daring adventurers, one of them had tested positive for Covid. Caleb took him and Toby into Cusco the night before flying to be tested again, but that test came back positive as well.

They decided to risk it and try flying anyway because we had told them that Cusco isn’t very strict about asking after those things lately. At the counter, the lady did ask for their Covid tests. They gave her the stack of them, but she looked at only a couple of them before sending them on their way!

The States is no longer asking for Covid tests or vaccines in order to enter the country, so they had no issues on that end.

The project at Alicia’s is not yet done, but the church from Tennessee wants to see it through to its end by financing it. Caleb and I are trying to coordinate with Percy to finish it up.

Yeni found out earlier last week that her grandfather in Paraguay passed away. She wanted to be there for the funeral, but we couldn’t find tickets that would get her there in time and be affordable.

She flew last evening with a one-way ticket. Her time here was short and made even shorter by this change of plans. She fit in very well with us and was an asset to the church. Maybe our paths will cross again someday, but for now, she plans to make her home again in Paraguay.

We had given her a trial run as school teacher here for a week, thinking ahead to next school year’s need of a teacher here. She did very well, but isn’t thinking of accepting the offer. China is not planning to teach again, so that is in the back of our minds as a need upcoming. The Lord will provide.

Speaking of China, she has been for all practical purposes bedridden since her return from Costa Rica. We don’t really know what’s wrong with her, as she’s been afflicted with inexplicable and revolving symptoms ranging from a sniffle to excruciating pain.

Please pray that she could have complete healing and also wisdom to know how to care for her body. Also, pray for wisdom for us in giving advice and care.

Saying goodbye to the alpaca they bought and left with us
Heading out!
Progress at Alicia’s
Yeni headed to Paraguay
I don’t have a picture of China…
…but here’s one of a turkey we got on Friday.