Esmeralda Is Answering a Police Summons

Esmeralda came on Wednesday with her father from Lima who is 78. She had talked with him about becoming a Christian and wanting to leave Fernando, so her father came with several of Esmeralda’s family to see what was what.

He wanted to meet us, especially me, because Fernando told him that I was having an illicit affair with Esmeralda, and that was why she was leaving him.

Upon meeting me, Señor Nestor said, “I can tell that you are the people of God and that God is with you Hermano David. It is obvious that Fernando is lying.”

We then had a pleasant conversation with the group of Esmeralda’s family, answering all their questions, including an explanation that we are not a commune.

Señor Nestor asked if we would please take Esmeralda under our wings. He said it is obvious that she is a changed person and happy now, and he wants her to stay that way. “My daughter has found the way of God, Hermano David. I ask you to do everything you can to make sure she never leaves it. I leave her in your hands to guide her.”

Esmeralda then went with her father and others to confront Fernando who flew into a rage. They tried to have a civil conversation with him, but he was unreasonable. So, Esmeralda grabbed a sheet off her bed, put as many of her and María Gracia’s clothes in as she could carry, and left.

Señor Nestor brought her back to our place and had nothing good to say of Fernando. He wanted to go to court against him, but Esmeralda said she just wants peace, so he left her with his blessing.

Esmeralda says she is so happy. However, today she received a police summons. Fernando put in a report that Esmeralda kidnapped María Gracia. Esmeralda asked that we accompany her, so Leonela and I, along with Andrew Crider who has only just arrived from the States, went with her.

They would not allow us into the interrogation room with her, so we are waiting outside the door. Fernando is in with them now.

We would be glad for your prayers. Esmeralda says she knows they will accuse her faith of being nothing more than her going crazy in the literal sense.