Well, Here We Go!

The well project is officially started, and we are excited. Imagine having a dependable source of water every day! It will be so nice not to worry about whether or not we can shower or do laundry or wash dishes or if have enough water saved up for drinking.

We’re not there yet though. We are asking that you pray for the well digger, Tony, to find water. The three wells he’s dug in the community recently all have found lots of clean water at 25-35 meters deep. We would rejoice to find the same! If we find water in the driest month of the year—right now—then we’re pretty well guaranteed to have water all year round.

I asked a few different men what they thought about how to cover the cost of the two wells. Should we cover it all ourselves? Should we ask others for help with the project? Should we simply wait and see if the Lord sends extra funds?

One man said that he feels we need to take responsibility for our burdens and not depend on others too much. Another man said about that advice that he wondered if the first man had ever lived three months without running water; I confess, that made me chuckle. One man suggested that we just ask God to send the amount we need. Another man said that making the need known to others would be a good way to let God work through the church and may be a bit humbling for us.

We talked about it as a group here, and we agreed that I could put on the blog how much the need is. If God prompts someone to share, they can, but we won’t ask for specific help. Maybe that’s walking the middle of the road.

The digging itself is contracted to cost around $1,800 for both wells. The pumps and tubes for lining the wells will be an additional cost beyond that. We haven’t yet purchased those, but Percy estimates that they will cost between $2,500-$3,000. If we put in a large tank at the lower house, that could be around $500 more, depending on what size we find.

In total, the well project could climb to $5,500.

If you would like to contribute, you could send a check (made out to Shawn Schmidt) in the States to Andrew Crider who can handle that for us. Or you can contact me directly with any questions.

Andrew Crider
12349 Back Road
Toms Brook, VA 22660

For the moment, I am paying for both wells. We had saved up all of our goat money from the last year, and that covered about a fourth of the cost. The rest I’m pulling from my personal account. So, we are able to move forward with the project, but we feel pretty skinny doing it.

Over the next two weeks, I’ll try to keep you updated with the progress we make. Hopefully, I’ll be able to tell you next week that we’ve found water, with the Lord’s blessing. Thank you for praying!

Where this bucket is, Tony says his machine is showing an underground stream. That would be wonderful!
Prepping a place to pool water that will run the drill