We Got Better, and Caleb, Belinda, and China’s Residency Was Rejected

Before we got better, we got worse. Steph and I both ended up with sinus infections as we came out of what very much felt like another run through Covid. Every single one of us here was sick, and it just dragged on and on. Caleb’s and Percy’s were also sick, but they seemed to get over it more quickly. Definitely mid-winter here.

Then just as soon as we were over that, it seemed like another cold of some sort swept through, and Percy’s family came down with the increasingly famous Monkey Pox. We found out several days later that Eduard and his son Caleb also had Monkey Pox. We really did not want that just as we were getting over everything else, so we asked a few close friends to pray with us that God woud allow us to avoid it.

Thankfully, it seems like God has granted our request for the moment; we’re grateful. Percy’s family seems to have gotten back to full health now. Caleb’s just had a bout of food poisoning, but beyond that, I think we’re about all back to normal health. A few of us still have a lingering cough, but we feel well though maybe a bit weak yet.

While this was all happening, I discovered that Caleb, Belinda, and China’s residency processes were all rejected. The notice says that it took too long, and they overstayed their visas. We were not really surprised at this. Getting the lawyer to do anything is as tough as pulling hen’s teeth. We knew we were past the visa dates, but the lawyer assured us it wouldn’t be a problem since we had started the process before we were past the dateβ€”the immigration office felt differently.

It seems like the next step would be that the three applicants would have to leave the country and start all over. We do not know if they would be allowed back in right away because one report we read said they would need to stay out until the next calendar year since they overstayed their visa in this year. Who knows?

Rafael Roca and his friend from immigration suggested we appeal the rejection and ask for grace, so we did. I worked with Rafael to get a letter written, payments made, and the appeal appealed on the migraciones website. Now we wait. This week was the celebration of Peru’s independance from Spain in 1821, so we won’t be hearing anything back soon from the government.

You may find it interesting to know that there is a major festival every month in Peru. And out of the 52 weeks of the year, at least 24 of them have office holidays. It can be tough to get anything done here; at least it feels that way at times. Our celebrations are to rejoice when the Peruvians don’t have celebrations! 😁

One of the days I was in Cusco recently, I did some looking for well pumps and found one that seemed fairly expensive. It was an Italian-made pump that was blue. That’s about all I know. A brother from Huaral messaged me to say he knows where to get good well pumps in Lima, so I think I’ll try going that route instead.

For now, I have a pump in the well at the upper house that I use to fill the tank there to supply both houses. We are rejoicing for an abundance of water. Once in a while we run out in the mornings because the pump and hose freeze, keeping me from filling the tank until about noon. This morning was 23Β°F, so we’re still feeling like it’s winter.

Speaking of the well, we have received donations of $1,100. Thank you to all who have shared. We expect that the project will be around $5,000 till it is done. We’ve spent about $3,000, so far. Thanks again for your kindness, and may God bless you.

I am rejoicing to have more sunshine! We are back to 11.5 hours of sunshine a day, and sunset is inching away from 5:00 o’clock to 6:00. Exciting stuff! This winter has been a tough one for me, so I’m eager to get back to warmer and brighter weather. My birthday is only 41 days away, and I have come to mark that as the beginning of the early rains, which means green stuff again!

We have begun to see the mountains on fire again during the nights. Last night we saw the largest fire of the winter so far. An entire peak was glowing; it looked as if the mountain was wearing a golden crown. I should have taken a picture, but I didn’t think of it.

We had prayer meeting last evening for the first time in a couple of weeks, due to all the sicknesses. It was good to have everyone back. Cristina was also back again. She says that God is “choking” her with conviction and fear, and she wants to be free. Please pray for her. Esmeralda said she would like to invite her over for lunch with Stephanie so that they could teach her about God.

Sunshine on Sunday after church
Thawing out after preaching 😁
Filling up the cattle tank with well water
The temporary well setup
Always full 🧑
It’s pretty dry right now.
I tried burying a goat that died due to strangulation by getting caught in a rope. I found the main water line instead.
Broken pipe uncovered
Walter helping me
Fixed again! πŸŽ‰