Our Week in Photos

We enjoyed several invitations for lunch or supper. Saturday, we were invited to a lunch to celebrate with a family who had moved into their new house. Today, we were with the brethren for Sunday morning service then an afternoon of singing at Luke’s place.

It has been a pleasant week. Everyone is in good health. China flew to Puno Saturday to spend several days with Marti Roca. She missed her first flight through a confusion with her luggage, but she got there later that afternoon.

Searching for pecans with Simon’s
Evening games
Pecan searching with Ernest’s
Β‘Disco para el almuerzo! Β‘QuΓ© rico!
Shelling pecans
Rooftop playtime at Luke’s
Playing Quirkle
And drinking coffee 🧑
Getting some reading in before breakfast
Visiting Michael’s and the bookstore
Melvin becoming more dear to me
Afternoon ping-pong
Fresh orange juice
Special supper with Simon’s
China and Leonela doing laundry
And painting at Leonela’s place
Jackson’s new house
Cow intestine and hoof soup–it was really good! πŸ˜‹
Children hiking on the hills behind the house
Happy hikers
Soccer after lunch
Singing at Luke’s